Questions About Calling An Inmate?

Inmates at the Southwest Justice Center can typically make outgoing collect calls. Ensure your phone plan allows for collect calls, and be prepared to accept the charges.

Inmates may be allowed to make collect calls to approved numbers. Confirm with the detention center staff that your phone number is on the inmate’s approved calling list.

To receive calls, you may need to provide your full name, address, and phone number to be added to the inmate’s approved calling list.

Yes, there are usually designated hours during which inmates can make phone calls. Contact the Southwest Justice Center or check their website for information on call hours.

The process for adding funds to an inmate’s phone account varies. Check with the detention center for approved methods, which may include online payments or third-party services.

In many cases, you can receive calls on a cell phone, but it’s essential to confirm this with the detention center and your phone service provider.

If you encounter any issues, such as dropped calls or billing problems, contact the detention center’s communication services or customer support for assistance.

Yes, there may be restrictions on the content of conversations. Avoid discussing prohibited topics, and be aware that calls may be monitored or recorded according to facility policies.

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